Stranger Things conspiracy theories!

Stranger Things conspiracy theories!


Stranger Things conspiracy theories! Does Max get powers? Does Will turn into a villain? Continue reading to find out! The characters that I am discussing are Max, Will and Eddie.

Even if you haven’t seen Stranger Things, you will want to know what your friends are talking about. Read more to find out! For readers who aren’t fans yet, and for those who need a refresher, here’s the gist:

Max Mayfield loves Lucas, arcade games, and skateboards. She has trauma from watching her step brother Billy die in front of  her. She is also tormented by the thought that she did want her step-brother to die (she actually wished for it a few times). After his death she was tormented by her guilt. Her brother was a little abusive to her because his father was really abusive to him.

“We hope Max will get powers,” shared S9 freshmen Mya Jones and Caylee Long. “And we hope she defeats Vecna in season 5.” 

Will Byers draws and paints in the show. His biggest masterpiece is the map of the upside down, which takes up the entirety of his house, stuck to the walls and floors, this map comes in handy later because it leads to the supposed defeat of the Mind Flayer and his minions, the demogorgons. He is in love with his best friend Mike. But he is traumatized by being in the upside down for so long. 

“I think Will might be a villain and help Vecna defeat the party in season 5,” said S9 freshman Javon Martin.

Eddie Munson is a leader of a Dungeons and Dragons club called Hellfire. He is the lead guitarist in a band and lives in a trailer with his uncle. He has a crush on Chrissy who is dating basketball player Jason. The rivalry between Eddie and Jason leads Jason to believe that Eddie killed Chrissy. Season 4 revealed that Eddie was not the killer. 

“I hope Eddie  will come back as a good vampire, ” said S9 freshman Alicia Martinez. “And I hope he helps defeat Vecna in season 5.”

“I didn’t run away this time,” Eddie Munson said this right before he died from fighting the demobats.