One way hallways: a blessing and a curse


Picture this: Class has just ended and you have five minutes to get to your next class. Seems easy, right? Well it would be easy if you didn’t attend a school with one-way hallways. One-way hallways turn a one-minute trip to class into a five-minute trip around the school.

One-way hallways are designed to help traffic flow during transitions.

“Initially the one-way started because of Covid,” according to Sparkman 9 Principal Marcia McCants. “It brings order.” And Mrs. McCants feels that students need order to successfully navigate through the school day.

Another reason one-way hallways are beneficial is because they keep students from running into each other. This leads to less unwanted collisions therefore less fights. School runs a lot smoother when students are not battling each other for room in the hallways. 

“The one-way hallways prevent physical altercation, so people have no head on contact,” stated Sparkman 9 Assistant Principal Ryan Flowers. Assistant Principal Flowers wants to remind students that “we want to avoid that at all costs.” 

Although school administration only sees the positives in utilizing one-way hallways, students differ in their opinion.

“I think [one-way hallways] causes a lot of problems like collisions and going the wrong way,” says Christian Badger, S9 student. 

While one-way hallways may be beneficial in some ways; they can also be cumbersome. Luckily for Sparkman 9 they seem to be working fairly well.

“I like them but they take some getting used to,” said S9 student Logan Hocken.