Is fashion worth the conflict?



JaNarri Thompson wearing his jewel cross, black, full zip hoodie.


JaNarri Thompson, a well known student at Sparkman 9, was noticed and complemented on his all black full zip-up hoodie. It gained notoriety for its rhinestone crosses.

It had a tough design featuring diamonds and rhinestones. Many students made controversial statements and gave mixed reviews.

“When people wear controversial clothing, it could be looked at negatively,” S9 student Gavin Clark stated. “The people wearing it may receive backlash”. 

Many students believe what and how you wear it could affect how you feel about yourself. Sometimes, though, people don’t feel comfortable about what they are wearing. 

“What you wear could enhance your performance,” said S9 student Lynden Melton. “It makes you feel better and comfortable in your own skin.”

As I interviewed students, they all said that people wear things to fit in and be noticed.

“People love to be seen by changing their clothes,” said Melton. “Sometimes they do it for a higher social status.”

Clark stated “[If] a celebrity or a more known person wears it, it really makes people feel less of themselves, which may lead to them wanting to wear what they see others wear.”