Good or bad: electives

Good or bad: electives

Electives can make or break your year. Different people feel different ways about them. I asked Sparkman 9 students what electives they chose.


I also asked teachers how they feel about electives. Some people want less electives; others want more. It depends on who you ask.


“I wish we had more specific sciences,” S9 student Jason Murphy said. “I would love to do marine biology in grade 9.” 


Some electives are required such as career prep and health. Most people like that you have to take them. Others think we shouldn’t have to at all.


“I’d love for students to have more art options,” said English teacher, Celina Frizzell. “More S.T.E.M. oriented class would also be nice.”


Friends can be the most important things at school, other than learning of course. You always should have a friend nearby if you want a fun class. Let’s see how friends affect your choices or if they do at all.


“I was originally doing art with a friend, but I realized journalism would be a better choice,” Morgan Turner, an S9 student, said. “Even if I didn’t know who would be in there.”


The principal of S9, Marcia McCants feels that career prep is the most useful elective. “In career prep, students learn skills that will help them be successful in all post secondary education choices,” McCants said. “The course focuses on personal decision making (critical thinking skills), academic planning, career development, technology skills, financial literacy, and digital citizenship. Probably the most skills you can learn.