Big steps to college


Most high schoolers are uncertain about what they’ll do after high school; however, some have an idea and have set goals for themselves, most notably college. So how are these high schoolers preparing for such goals, and what’s challenging them in their high school careers?


“I’m taking AP world history for college credit” stated S9 student Issiah Carter.


Many students are like Carter and are taking AP world history for college credit this semester, but there are other ways to achieve college credit such as the career tech center which offers several courses, all rewarded with college credit. Of course, this is offered next semester, but applications have recently come out, so who applied, and for what?


“I applied for precision machining [because] it seemed the most fun to me,” said S9 student Liam Pierce.


There are many ways to do well in school and plan for your future, but it can be challenging. Many classes have given people trouble this past semester, so which classes have given people trouble and why?


“I had trouble in biology this past semester because science is always changing,” says Carter.


Many more students have trouble with classes at Sparkman 9, but they do persevere through these challenging classes.


There are many ways S9 students are preparing for their life after school but it isn’t going to be easy, regardless many students are up for the challenge in hopes of making it far in life.