Upcoming 2023 Sparkman Baseball Season

Upcoming 2023 Sparkman Baseball Season

Is the S9 baseball team ready to take on the upcoming season? Some players are taking bigger steps to improve at their position, or just baseball in general, by practicing extra or getting mentally prepared. 


The key to success is learning the fundamentals first. The mental part comes in when the big lights are shining down on the first game. It’s the Senator’s job to get locked in and play ball! A good tip to start the season off with a homerun is good mobility and proper recoveries after a hard practice.


“What I do to prepare for the season is keep my body clean and watch out for my teammates on and off the field,” stated Ross Ivey, freshmen team and plays catcher.


There are some freshmen that strive to do better or someday play in the big leagues, but for now their goal is varsity. Even if you don’t make varsity, always keep up your spirit and be you!


“I would love to be on varsity as a freshman, but I just need to bounce back and be the underdog of the season,” stated Brenner Van De Wynckel.