Are Jordan’s the best?

Are Jordans the best?


 Most people buy jordans because of its popularity. As a consequence some people don’t get jordans because of the prices. Also some people may prefer different brands based on their preference. Depending on the shoe brand someone wears, availability and demand has a huge impact. 


Shoe brand companies such as Nike, Puma, Crocs etc. Tend to be more affordable to some cbgfbhfthgftngpeople depending on their paychecks. They also tend to be more comfortable than jordans, that’s why people prefer to buy different shoe brands then jordans.


“HEY DUDEs are more comfortable and feel like socks.” “[HEY DUDE’s ] aren’t as expensive.” S9 student JW Solomon said.


Many people prefer different shoe brands over Jordans because of the prices of the shoes. A lot of people think the popularity of the shoes is the reason the prices are so high. The price of the shoes shouldn’t be that pricey because many people who like the shoes can not afford them.


“[They are] just shoes and there is no point of buying the shoes just to get them dirty and buy the newest pair that comes out.” S9 student Gavin Clark said


Many people  buy certain shoes because of the popularity and looks. Some people buy shoes that are affordable to them because looks and popularity isn’t always the best option to choose when it comes down to buying shoes. You either have to choose fancy or affordable.


“I would choose boots over jordans at any time because I love the looks and the prices of them. The prices of boots particularly stayed the same depending on the design but jordans prices  change every time  they put out a new shoe that looks the same,” S9 teacher Mr. Parker said.  


People think because the shoe looks nice that they’ll be comfortable. But not all shoes are comfy based on their looks. Shoes like Crocs and other slides can be labeled comfortable just by their looks and peoples feedback on the shoes.


“[ Crocs ] are easy and go with everything and they are more affordable .” S9 student Kylee Thomas said.