Ending the basketball season strong

Ending the basketball season strong

How will this year’s freshman basketball team end the season? Some of the players tell us how they want the season to end and which games have been their favorite throughout the season. 


Our basketball team is preparing to end off the season. The question is will they end it off strong? We’ve talked to some of the players and asked how they feel this season is going to end and how they feel the season has gone so far. 


“This season has gone really well, we met the coaches expectations, I feel the season will end great. We play Huntsville, Albertville and Austin,” said S9 jv point guard Jayden Bass. 


The basketball team has mixed emotions on how this season will end and which games have been their favorite. Some players who play different positions have different opinions on if they think the season will end acceptably or atrociously. 


“My favorite game was at home against Grissom because it was my most impactful game, but I think we will end with only one loss,” one power forward Zayden Bodner stated. 


 This year we’ve had a great season. We had many wins and this season was very entertaining. The team hopes to end off this year’s season on a win. We have hope and believe they’ll end the season with a bang.