Disney Bound!

Disney Bound!

Where dreams come true and trophies are won! High School 2023 Cheerleading Nationals are coming up. Our own high school teams are busy preparing for Nationals.

Sparkman High School’s JV and Varsity are both getting ready to pack their bags for hot and beautiful florida.


Both teams are working hard to perfect their routines. Cheerleaders across the world, including our school are entering what is known as Hell Week. The week before Nationals they add extra practices to make sure we are prepared.


“We already practice every day in cheer P.E. and we have after school practice [now every day] and we are adding Saturday morning practice,” said JV back spot Adyson Rymer.


The SHS cheer teams are leaving in a little over a week. They will be leaving on Wednesday February 8th and will return Monday February 13th. 


“[We] leave the 8th and return the 13th,” stated Jv flyer Ava Westrom.

my first year and I want to make sure they do well but for the most part it’s been super fun, super exciting and I can’t wait to see them [compete],” said JV coach Kaitlyn Richard.

Nationals isn’t just practicing and competing. Cheerleaders also get to go to Disney World! They practice and compete of course but also get to have lots of fun!


“It is a very fun experience. We practice a lot but we also go to the parks,” said  a freshman on varsity.


The cheerleaders aren’t the only ones with a lot of emotions. Coaches have been working very hard to prepare their team for this moment. “It’s been a fun experience. It’s been stressful for sure at times because it’s