Pinchers, pokies, fins, and fur

Pinchers, pokies, fins, and fur


Here at S9 everyone has a different lifestyle, and one thing that impacts many people’s lifestyle is their pets. Some people have dogs; some people have cats and even sometimes birds. But what about all the pets in between like snakes, tarantulas, geckos, even some species of exotic fish? The Sparkman 9 Reporter takes a dive into some of the more odd pets students own at S9.


“I own a rain frog, and his name is Stevie. Why? Because it’s a good frog name,” said S9 student Lorraine Carpenter.


Now what is their daily care routine? The truth is, it can depend and change drastically. There are so many different animals, and many different species of those animals. Routines vary by pet, but they are  interesting, nonetheless.


“I just spritz the terrarium with water and feed it mealworms every other day,” said S9 student Heather Turner about her pet tarantula.


“I feed [my rain frog] twice a day and hold it for around 10 to 15 minutes a day, so that it gets used to being handled,” said Carpenter.


Out of the ordinary pets may not be as common as traditional ones such as cats or dogs, but do they get the same fulfillment or enjoyment in owning one? Well, it’s a mix. It all depends on who you ask. Some people say that it is just or more fulfilling, while others say that they would have a more traditional pet.


“It’s a nice medium, it’s not too loud either,” said Carpenter.


“Not really, I get excited when I see [odd pets], but I never get to enjoy or experience its majestic self. I prefer having pets that I can be more physical with, i.e. hugs,” said Turner.


Well, now that we know that the owners of these pets enjoy some aspects, and dislike other aspects, we now have a little insight on what it’s like to own an unconventional pet, and some of the routine of them.